Natural Solutions to Common Dog Skin Problems
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Natural Solutions to Common Dog Skin Problems


Of course you should not overlook removing the source of the problem (switching to a better dog food, treating for fleas, and so on) but you also want to treat the symptom, the itchy skin. Natural solutions, such as those provided by Happy Tails Spa are often the best ones.

Itchy Skin

If the problem is hot spots it is a good idea to shave the hair around the area, allowing air to get at the hot spot. Hot spots are sometimes caused by food, so as mentioned switching to a better food is recommended; try to avoid foods that contain beef, pork, wheat, or soy.

Bathe the dog in a soothing oatmeal shampoo such as Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo from Happy Tails Spa. Make sure the dog is well dried. Part of the problem with hot spots is that the dog is constantly itching or licking them, this never allows proper healing to occur. You need to spray the area with an effective anti-itch product such as Itchin' for Relief Anti Itch Spray from Happy Tails Spa. This is an all natural product containing neem, oat, litchi, calendula, aloe, and boswellia serrata. It also uses the extract from grapefruit seeds to control fungus and bacteria.


Fleas are a problem for most dogs but some actually get a condition known as flea dermatitis, a flea allergy that lasts long after the fleas are gone. There are many products on the market to control fleas, but some, even though still sold in stores, have been found to be risky even when used correctly. Natural flea controls are always best and can be used in conjunction with flea medication sold through veterinarian offices.

Peppermint Between Baths Spritz, as from Happy Tails Spa is helpful for preventing fleas on a dog and can be safely sprayed on dogs of all ages. Your dog will smell good to you but not so good to fleas.

Also look for Flea the Scene from Happy Tails Spa, a spray made for dogs who spend lots of time outside. Flea the Scene helps prevent new pests from making their home on your dog. Neither product contains poisons or pesticides so will not kill fleas if they are already present, it is best to get flea medication from a veterinarian in this case.

Dry Skin

Dry skin in dogs can be improved through diet, food rich in Omega Fatty Acids will help a dog with dry skin. A humidifier can also be beneficial.

Fur Butter is a unique product made by Happy Tails Spa and is great for all dogs but particularly those with long fur and dry skin. It is applied at bath time (after using Comfy Dog Oatmeal Shampoo) and will leave the dog's coat manageable and shiny. It also aids in helping dry skin, containing aloe, oatmeal, and other soothing ingredients.

Happy Tails Spa

Happy Tails Spa has a huge range of other products to treat all kinds of doggy problems. They accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal, visit their site to learn more or check here for available coupons and discounts.

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